June 7, 2009

YouTube for TV

YouTube unveiled this week YouTube.com/XL, a revamped version of YouTube.com/TV that is intended to be viewed on a television set or on a large PC screen. 

This YouTube.com/XL (YouTube extra large) works on any Web browser that can be connected to a TV, whether it is a game console, a PC or another device.  It can be controlled not only with a keyboard, but also with some remote controls (including Android phones). 

Rather than a donwloadable app for viewing, like Hulu desktpop , YouTube is choosing to go all browser, no plug-in required (It is an AJAX-powered IU). Not all the YouTube content is available here. Many content providers have been reluctant to allow television viewing of full-lenght episodes they post online. 


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Source: http://iblnews.com/story.php?id=48175

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