May 31, 2009

GigaOM To Charge For Annual Subscription Service


By David Kaplan - Thu 28 May 2009


Tech news blog network GigaOm has unveiled a $79 subscription service, that will offer exclusive research and analysis, the blog’s founder Om Malik (pictured, right) said in a post. The service, dubbed GigaOM Pro, is debuting with 17 research pieces that are available for download as PDFs. GigaOM Pro is divided into four verticals around Green IT, Infrastructure, the Connected Consumer, and Mobile.


The plan for a paid subscription service took shape three years ago, Om wrote, the company was embarking on a funding round. Even in 2006, when online advertising was growing at substantial double digits, Om said he realized that ad-support alone wouldn’t cut it. Since then, it has expanded into the conference business and several events. The service is using WordPress’ BuddyPress social platform to run the content.


ReadWriteWeb: In an interview, Om told RWW’s Richard MacManus that GigaOM Pro’s Analyst Network will operate in tandem with the blog’s content. As the analysts provide the data, the blog will pick up from there and “connect the dots.” It also represents Om’s view that, as media companies evolve, analysts and bloggers will need to develop a closer link, if readers are to be expected to pay for content.


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