March 17, 2008

BCG 100 - Top 100 New Global Challengers

I thought that it would be an ideal way to inaugurate the Global IT & Business News blog, by beginning the discussion with the BCG 100 - Boston Consulting Group - Top 100 New Global Challengers 2008 - report.

It's interesting to see that out of the Top 100 new global challengers, 41 companies can be found in China, 20 in India, 13 in Brazil, and another 6 in Russia. Therefore the B.R.I.C countries (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) account for a full 80% of the survey. The only other country with a “BRIC-worthy" number of companies is Mexico with 7.

Perhaps we should change the acronym to C.R.I.M.B?

In other words, most of the global economic growth is no longer occurring in the developed world.

In their own words, BCG describes the report thus:

"As we did in 2006, BCG has again identified 100 large and particularly successful companies that are based in rapidly developing economies and going global fast. Incumbent multinational companies will soon encounter them—if they haven't already—as formidable competitors in markets around the world, but also as potential suppliers, customers, and partners. The authors outline these companies' performance, analyze their motivations and strategies, and set forth key implications for incumbents."

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